How to Manufacture a Custom product in China

This is a great question because most manufactures have the capability to manufacture custom products for their clients, but not all of them will do it for every potential customer. There are a few factors that influence the interest of a factory to manufacture your custom product: Customers willingness to pay for development costs: If […]

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How to Import from China

We help a wide range of customers ship from China, from small companies who ship goods a few times a year, to larger companies that ship a container every month.  Usually when smaller companies are starting out they ship small quantities of samples and/or a small batch production order.  In this case the best way to get small shipments out […]

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Ways to Verify Chinese Suppliers Are Factories, Not Trading Companies

1. Check the Business License This method can provide a basic idea of who you are working with.  I wouldn’t say that it is a 100% be all end all to decide what type of business it is, but it does give some good data on who they might be.  In recent years the Chinese government […]

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