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How it all started on the Tropical MBA

The idea for Easy China Warehouse (ECW) was born because, as an eCommerce Seller, we found it very difficult to distribute our products around the World. The barriers to easy distribution are:

1. The need for multiple local warehouses in each of the countries we sold in. ECW provides one Global Warehouse close to your product sources in China.
2. The responsibility of clearing Customs in the different countries we sold in. ECW takes responsibility of clearing Customs in all the countries you do business in.
3. The inventory inflexibility of warehousing your products in one country when demand has quickly changed to another country and those products have to be redistributed. Having you inventory close to your manufacturing sources in China eliminates this possibility.
4. Less than Container Loads (LCL’s) are prohibitively expensive for smaller sellers. ECW consolidates shipments from many small sellers to achieve shipment economies of scale, drastically reducing the all-in-shipment costs to the final destination.

Easy China Warehouse now ships to any location around the World including any of Amazon’s FBA Warehouses around the World.

Easy China Warehouse has become a full service, end-to-end shipping solution for eCommerce Sellers. We will pick up you goods from your factories in China, consolidate your products, prepare and label them for international shipments. You can seamlessly release your product orders through our user friendly Dashboard for delivery anywhere in the World.